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Life is Truly Sweet
Staff Report | October 2010

"I have never been much of a cupcake fan. I suppose that in my childhood I only experienced the conventional store bought version with its mediocre cake and often too sweet icing. This created a void in my life that I would not awaken to realize until some 30 years later in Charleston, SC.

"While making the rounds visiting friends in Mount Pleasant this summer, all I heard about on a daily basis is how I have to try a cupcake from Cupcake. My friend Michelle, was the most staunch supporter of my first cupcake experience in 30 years and would give me a look with eyes as big as a trailer park dweller in Arkansas having just seen their first UFO, as if to say, “Honey, you have got to try one of these cupcakes, you will just die!”. ...

"Even before opening the doors to the boutique, I could smell the scent of cupcakes baking in the oven. It was alluring and hypnotic. The Mount Pleasant, SC boutique itself was small and simple with an area for display, ordering and devouring, should you choose to give in to the sinful temptation immediately. ...

"One bite and I was hooked. I now know why Michelle was so excited and must give her some kudos for sharing Cupcake with me. I will admit, I returned three more times to Cupcake before leaving South Carolina and will definitely make it a regular stop on my agenda whenever I am in South Carolina."

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