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A wedding cupcake topper from The Chocolate Moose in Greenville SCThe Moose Mobile is trolling Greenville's streets...

Cupcake deliveries are a great way to celebrate events at the office with your staff or coworkers, delight guests at parties and showers, or surprise your clients with a gift that's sure to please!

How do I order a dessert or cupcake delivery?

We'd be glad to bring over a piece of happiness! Please place your order at least 24 hours in advance by calling . (IMPORTANT: to place an order, please call us rather than send an email. We've been receiving orders via email late at night for the next day, but only check our email from time to time so by the time we receive it, the day's deliveries have usually already been baked and sent out in the Moose Mobile... too late for us to fill the emailed orders.)

Delivery will be on a first-come, first-serve basis, as we can deliver only a certain number of orders each day, so please get your order to us as far in advance as possible.

How much will deliveries cost?

The minimum order for a delectable cupcake delivery is $32 plus a delivery charge. Our cupcake deliveries are priced comparably to floral deliveries... but they're much more delicious! Delivery charges are as follows:

For up to 3 dozen:
Downtown (2 block radius) $5
Up to 9.9 miles from store $8
10 miles and over $10 + $1 per mile each way (ie. 11 miles = $12, 20 miles = $30)

For over 3 dozen:
Downtown (2 block radius) $8
Up to 9.9 miles from store $20
10 miles and over $20 + $1 per mile each way (ie. 11 miles = $22, 20 miles = $40)

Please note, though, that we may need to charge more for certain deliveries. if you're pretty far outside our 20-mile radius, parking (even temporarily for deliveries) is challenging in your location, or you have a special request, please call us for a custom delivery quote.

Do you deliver your other desserts, too? (Not just cupcakes?)

Yes. As long as you place at least a $32 order, we'll deliver our desserts to you. Order just our delicious desserts, our signature cupcakes, or both!

When will my delivery arrive?

Your cupcakes will arrive between 11 and 4 on the chosen day. (We'll plan our route each day according to the locations of delivery orders that day.) We currently deliver Monday through Saturday, excluding major holidays when our bakery is closed.

Will you deliver wedding cupcakes?

Yes, we offer wedding cupcakes and can deliver them to weddings in the Greenville area. Find out more information on our wedding deliveries page.


or give us a shout at 864.232.2121.

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