Meet Zeus the Moose!

Zeus the Moose of The Chocolate Moose in Greenville SCMeet Zeus the Moose!

Zeus the Moose is the father of The Chocolate Moose's Sue Moose. His mother taught him to cook, but it was Zeus the Moose who singlehandedly grew the family business by inventing and marketing a special dessert to all the Moose Marts in the country.

Even with such success, he's unpretentious. He gets up early every day and loves to sing in the shower. He's handy around the kitchen and the house. The tuft of hair on top of his head is thinning, he has a large hump on his back and long antlers, and he loves to tell stories.

His neighbors know they can count on him; after every big snowfall he's out right away, plowing all the neighbors' driveways with his pride and joy: his riding lawn mower with its plow attachment.

A few other things you might not know about Zeus the Moose:

* He has a tattoo on his forearm from his military days

* He used to be a Navy pilot until his eyes went bad... now he wears spectacles with a chain to read

* He has a huge garden he loves to tend

* He drives a Land Rover

* He listens to classic rock; his favorite band is Lynrd Skynrd

* He's a big golfer.. he plays nine holes whenever he gets the chance

* He thinks carefully before he speaks

Even though he runs the family business, he always has time for his family. People say they can't help but like Zeus the Moose!


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