Meet Moose Sue!

Moose Sue of The Chocolate Moose in Greenville SCMeet Moose Sue, the flamboyant creator of The Chocolate Moose's famous tira-moose-sue dessert!

Moose Sue loves to cook, and always wears a polka dot apron when she bakes. Her favorite color is pink and she wears pink lipstick every day... unless it's a formal occasion. (For those she wears bright red.) She sometimes paints her hooves to match her lips.

Moose Sue likes to think she's as fashionable as her favorite TV character, Carrie Bradshaw. She loves hoop earrings, anything sparkly, and wouldn't dream of leaving home without her fake eyelashes on. She loves going to the Moosecapades to see the skaters and their costumes.

Being a moose, she has a big booty, and loves to shake it... preferably to country music, though she likes all kinds of music. (Although, between us, she's a terrible dancer.)

A few other things you might not know about Moose Sue:

* Moose Sue drives a pink Karmann-ghia

* She's an avid runner and has a selection of cute pink running outfits in her closet

* She loves her family; her dad (Zeus the Moose) is her hero

* She's a girly-girl... but she's handy around the house too

* She loves redecorating her house

* She enjoys traveling

Moose Sue spent a year at cooking school in Italy where she mastered her signature tira-moose-sue dessert... and met her boyfriend, Ramon, an elk.

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